Monday, September 12, 2011

August 2011

August was a very busy month for us! We started the month out with our annual Beach Mo trip. It was lots of fun but we had a brief scare at the beach when Claire left our eye sight for about 30 seconds. It was very scary. At first, Grace wouldn't put her feet down on the sand but then slowly warmed up to it.

I was fortunate enough to be able to go out on a Girl's Night Out with NICU friends on a lovely Friday night. It was a lot of fun!

We had a going away party at my mom's condo on August 19th and moved to our new house in Ohio on August 20th.

The kids have seemed to have adjusted well. The girls share a room and love waking up in the morning and reading books in bed. They always like to fall asleep together in Claire's bed and then we move Grace into her own bed. They love all of the space and the yard. We are getting adjusted to play places and parks around and having a great time exploring!

Jake is doing great. He rolls from his back to his stomach now and then he gets stuck and gets upset. He eats 4x a day and sleeps 12 hours a night. He is such a happy and enjoyable baby. The girls just love him. They love to kiss him on the head.

Here are pictures from our August...

Grace at the zoo

Mommy and the girls on the carousel

Grammy and the grandkids

Happy Jake

Love this shirt

This shirt says it all...he kicks his legs ALL the time

The girls loving the yard

Emma loves it too!

(We brought Emma back to Ohio with us)

My family and I at my mom's condo

Claire and her best bud, Jude

Grace loving on Jake

Grace pronounces Jake (bek je bay jek)

Grace at Beach Mo

Three of our biggest blessings

Aunt Beth and Claire on a boat ride

Family picture on the boat

Girl's night out

Cool Grace

The essence of our summer....these 4 kids together

Jake all dressed up

Boiler Up

Grandma and the grandkids

Girls playing in sand in our backyard

Proud big sis, Claire

Jake taking a bath in the sink

Claire and Grace watching a video at Beach Mo

Carroll side cousins

Jake in his beach gear

Beach Mo 20

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brooke said...

I love the sink picture! HOW cute. I'm glad everyone is doing well. That little man is growing fast!!!