Friday, July 15, 2011


June was filled with simply adjusting to being the parents of 3 children. It really has been an enjoyable transition. Sure there are moments of stress but all in all, it is simply fun!

We are working on potty training with Claire. She is pretty much accident-free with potty but she has a hard time with the other. She says that snakes and ants are going to get her...I have no clue what to say to that?! She is full of energy and loves swimming and running around outside.

Grace is talking more and able to communicate better which makes life easier for all of us. She still has her laid back personality but has started to fight back when Claire takes toys from her.

Jake is doing great. He eats every three hours during the day and has started to give us anywhere from 5-8 hours at night. He is a very laid back child which helps a lot! He sits around and tolerates all of the screaming and loud noises as well as his sisters getting in his face. They like to give him kisses on the top of the head and tickle his feet. It is really sweet!

This month, my mom moved out of my childhood house and into a condo on the water! Her new place is really great and we are so excited for her! Of course leaving the house was difficult but we all know it is the right move!

We attended the annual Carroll reunion and it was great to see everybody. Unfortunately, there will always be some sadness with great family events because of my dad's absense. The following day was father's day and we had a cookout over at my aunt and uncle's house. It was a rough day all around but with the roughness came the guilt of not celebrating Pete's fantastic fatherhood as much as he deserved.

We have enjoyed going to pools, splash parks, and backyard pools this summer. Claire even has an adorable tan line! :)

Here are some pictures from our month of June...

Pete gave Jake a mohawk after his bath

The view from my mom's new condo

Beautiful big eyes!

The girls helping me give Jake a bath

Grace at a splash park

Claire running through the splash park

Did not realize that this is a RIDICULOUSLY fast slide...Claire went FLYING off

Check out her scared face :(

Family photo

Grace pulling Claire on her tricycle. We ended up going on a walk that day and Pete pulled Claire the whole time - she loved it!

Grace a.k.a. pacifier nazi

Claire is such a good big sister

Jackson, Jude, and Claire at the zoo

Claire raced a cheetah at the zoo...she lost :)

We went to the mall so the girls could run around because it was too hot to be outside with Jake. Instead of the slides, cars, puzzles, etc...they played with the buckles on the double stroller!

"Hello Ladies"

Claire and Jude at the splash park

Rowin Road - SOLD

The new minivan set up - we took out one of the bucket seats so it is easy to crawl in and buckle the girls in - works great!

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