Thursday, February 3, 2011


January was filled with many wonderful memories. We started the month by decorating Claire's room and moving her into a full-size bed. This was done in an effort to rearrange the furniture to get ready for Baby #3. My siblings and I took our dad to a Pacer's game one Friday night in January. This was a favorite past time of ours and it was a great time. We also took Claire to go see Toy Story 3 on ice and it was so entertaining! First, Claire was scared but once she warmed up, she had a blast. We ended the month by going to get haircuts for Claire and Grace. It wwent well and they were rewarded for good behavior with ice cream afterwards. Claire is very close to being completely potty trained and we are going on days without an accident so we are very pleased with her success. Grace is walking around and climbing onto chairs and couches. She started going to "school" with Claire and has adjusted very well. Here are some pictures from our month...

Claire in her big bed...she looks so little in it!

Grace's 1st hair cut

Crackers cure all for Grace

Her crazy hair before the hair cut

Claire was a little more bashful

Claire's face when he was spraying her hair to get it wet

Soon enough, she was relaxed and did great!

Post haircut reward!
(here she is saying "cheese" with a mouthful)

Grace enjoyed M&Ms

Then she took a spoon to dad's ice cream

They love to sit at their new table
Here they are watching a show on the computer and eating cheetos

They love to play with my jewelry

Keith, Beth, Dad and I at the Pacers' game

My Daddy-O and I

Dad had a great time

Dad and Claire at Toy Story 3 on ice

Claire and I


Grace LOVES to climb and sit in chairs

Trying to get a picture of my dad and the girls

Much better :)

Sitting in chairs again

Bed in breakfast

Horsey Ride!

Crash landing :)

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