Wednesday, January 5, 2011

November 2010

Obviously we have been extremely busy considering I am doing the November update in January! November consisted of a 1st birthday party for Grace; a wonderful Thanksgiving in Michigan; a 30th birthday celebration for my sister, Beth; and a first doctor's appointment to check on our third baby who is doing wonderfully.
Here are some pictures from our November...

In Michigan, Kimmy and Kristen had matching footy pajamas that Claire thought were really cool!

We put Claire's hair in rollers and she woke up with a bit of an afro :)

Daddy and his girls

We went for a visit to cousin Jo's farm where Claire and Grace got to look at the horses.
Claire briefly rode a horse and loved it.
Here are pictures from our birthday celebration with Beth. We took a bus up to Purdue to visit Harry's for some drinks and then came back and had some pizza with my parents and then out to Broad Ripple for some more fun.

The following are pictures from Grace's 1st birthday party...

She wasn't happy I took the candle away :)

She got over it quickly

Pete's grandparents came down from Michigan

Claire has always been an artist, but this month there were at least two occasions where she decided to not draw on the paper and found another canvas....

Grace's face!

She also drew on her own face

Caught red handed!

Time to get clean!

Claire and her boyfriend, Jude

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