Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 2010

June has proved to be a very busy month for our family. We started out the month by heading over to Ohio to visit with family and friends. I attended the fourth annual girl's trip to Put In Bay which was a lot of fun. Then we went over to see Matt & Erin's new house (which is beautiful) and visited with family and dear friends. The next week we reconnected with an old high school friend of mine and have been hanging out with them frequently since. They have a 3 year old son, Jude, who plays phenomenally well with Claire. With Jackie and Josh and our new frineds, Mike and Mallory, we love getting together to play cards and let our 5 kids (collectively) play together. We also attended a Carroll Family reunion and it was great to see everyone. Beth made a visit home to Indy and it was great to see her as always. We went over to the Wahman's for a game night on a Saturday night and that was a lot of fun. Our final event is that we have taken the plunge to attempt potty training Miss Claire. She has done very well so far with a few accidents each day but it is going very well. Grace is rolling over, sitting up, loves standing with help and is non-stop smiling. Here are some pictures from our month...
Claire and Dad at the Carroll reunion

Claire running around at the splash park

One of my best friends, Jackie, and I have decided to take the kids to the zoo weekly so here is a picture of our four kids at the zoo

Claire and her new friend, Jude

Me and my girls

Jackson and Claire waiting in line for the train

Claire smiling while watching the giraffes

Grace having a great time in the stroller at the zoo

Jackson and Claire walking hand in hand towards the sharks

Grace practicing sitting up

Grammy took Grace to a swim lesson and for some reason Grace looks less than amused

There we go! That's more like it!

Grace standing up while leaning against the couch

Grace did not appreciate the puffs we tried to feed her (as you will see in a video)

Claire's new thing: every time we enter/exit the highway or go around a large curve she puts her hands in the air and says "WEE.. a circle!"

Two cool chicks

Family photo

Claire didn't know what to do while Grace was "standing"

Claire & Grace snuggling in Claire's bed

Mommy and Grace

Jackie, Mallory, and I hanging out after our kids are sound asleep :)

Claire and her boys in the tub

At first, Claire was camera shy on the potty

Then she was very proud of herself!

Her favorite part is washing her hands

That hair on her head is constantly sticking up... little Fuzz ball

Check out those two teeth

Pete and I

Don't mess with this Grace

Grace in the bath

Claire loves putting my glasses on in the car

Grace on Claire's lap while playing out on our balcony

Claire and her boys watching Toy Story

Grace falling asleep in Grandma's arms

Claire petting a shark
Claire and Grace snuggling in Grace's crib

Grace sitting up

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