Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April 2010

The month of April served to be a very good month for our family. We started out the month with a birthday party for Claire, Easter celebration, and Pete joining the Catholic Church. Other events for this month included our first family movie night, taking both girls to the park and Grace riding in the swings for the first time! Grace has started spoon feeding twice a day. Claire's vocabulary is increasing by the day. She does well with colors, asking for help, listening to what we say, and asking for what she wants. She has a habit of raiding the fridge and the pantry and bringing whatever she wants to Pete and I and saying "Help, please!" She is hysterical to watch! Grace is as happy and laid back as always. Her face lights up when she hears Claire's voice and she instantly smiles when Claire says "Hi Baby Grace!" Another one of Claire's new things is when she falls down and "gets hurt" she says "Mommy, you OK Claire?" and waits for me to ask if she's OK before she gets up! Claire's new favorite things are dinosaurs and Toy Story. Grace has started rolling all around but still hates tummy time. She tucks her knees up but no signs of crawling yet. Here are some pictures from our month...

Our first family movie night (Movie: Land Before Time)

Grace doing some tummy time

Claire feeding Grace and MAYBE putting the spoon in too far

Such a nice big sister!

Claire swinging at the park

Grace swinging at the park

Grace on the slide at the park

Claire and Grace swinging at the park

Claire going down the slide at the park

Claire cheesing it up after putting her sunglasses on herself

Grace BRIEFLY sitting up

Grace all dressed up

Cool chicks in shades

One of the best pictures of the two of them to date

Claire, the acrobat!

Check out those kissable cheeks!

Claire assisting Grace in her jumperoo by giving her every ball she has!

Sweet little Grace in the bath

We bought Claire a potty chair and she has gone in the potty twice - but we aren't pushing it too much! When she finishes, she gives Elmo a high-five and he tells her "Good job!"

Grace and daddy

Happy Grace at her entertainment center

Goofball Claire and Smiley Grace :)

Claire giving Grandmy a kiss good-bye after their visit

Kimmy, Kristen, and Grandmy put together a nice egg hunt for Claire

Me and my two favorite girls

Claire and Jackson at Claire's birthday party

They spent about 15 minutes playing in the ice bowl at the party

Claire had lots of fun opening the gifts

Grace with a unibrow apparently ??

Keith really liked the Barbie bike

Claire and Jackson opening gifts

Claire finally got the hang of blowing out the candle!

Pete joining the Catholic Church (My dad was the sponsor)

"Happy Easter!" Love, Grace

Claire enjoying her new grill from Mom and Dad

Claire enjoys jumping in her new jump house

It has a nice door on the side so she can get in and out by herself

One of Claire's favorite gift at Easter time - the singing bunny!

"Look, an egg!"

Grandma and Aunt Beth did a nice egg hunt for Claire

Grace loves her new food selection!

Our cool daughters!

Tummy time for Grace

Claire with her new tricycle

Grace LOVES her jumperoo

Claire likes to show Grace the cool features of this toy!

Sleepy time for Grace
Enjoying an Easter basket from Grandmy
Um... Claire...those are plastic eggs
Grace enjoying her first spoon feeding - Carrots!

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