Monday, April 5, 2010

March 2010

March has been a very busy month for us. We started out the month by heading down to Nashville to visit Beth which was a lot of fun. My birthday was nice and we had dinner with my family; Pete and I also had a date night up at Purdue while my mom and dad watched the girls. We made a trip to Ohio for a good friend's baby shower, Claire's 2nd birthday celebration, and a get together with family and friends. Claire's vocabulary continues to expand and we are finding that she is very polite! She says "Please", "Thank you", and "Bless you". She gives Grace her binky and blanket and says " Here you go, baby". (She still does not call her Grace) At her 2 year check up, she weighed 27 lbs and was 36 1/2 inches tall. Grace is learning new skills left and right. She is rolling over, has wonderful neck control, and started to laugh/giggle. She is such a delight and it is such a blessing to watch our girls grow. Here are some pictures from this past month...

Claire making a silly face at herself
Claire smiling at herself

Grace in action (rolling over)

Our beautiful, wide-eyed girls

Grace is ready for sunshine!

Claire is ready for sunshine, too!

Claire playing with Grace on her blanket

Grace enjoying her bumbo chair

Claire enjoying time outside

Grace fell asleep on her play mat... while holding on to her giraffe toy

Claire's response when I tell her to make a silly face

Claire enjoying cake on her birthday

Claire and Grammy at the zoo

Grammy, Kimmy and Kristen came to visit - here they are with Claire at the zoo

A baby shower for Lorie - it was so great to see friend's from Akron Children's!

Claire eating cake at her birthday party

She is scared of the candle, but still tried to blow it out once we told her it was hot (Mostly because when we tell her that her food is hot, she blows on it)

Claire received many wonderful gifts including Austin - one of the characters of The Backyardigans (which was the theme of her party)

Enjoying some of her favorite foods - hot dogs, grapes, carrots, etc.

A toy from her new favorite show (Yo Gabba Gabba)

All of us girls in pink

Claire, Grace, and Claire's babydoll playing on the rainforest play mat

Grace and Claire with Beth in Nashville

Claire and Aunt Beth horsing around

Claire = Diva :)

Our family at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville

SO thankful to be able to get pictures of the two girls together

Claire is happy to be outside and swinging again

We attempted spoon feeding Grace - she did NOT appreciate it (I think we will hold off)

Claire joining Grace during tummy time

Grace playing in her bumbo chair

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