Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January 2010

January proved to be a very busy month for our family. We went to the Children's Museum three times, Grace was baptized, Claire started going to school 2 days a week, Pete has been working long hours on a project, and I enjoyed my last month of maternity leave. We enjoyed a visit to North Canton to see family and friends and also had a visit from Pete's family and grandparents. Although busy, it was a very wonderful month blessed with many fabulous memories. Here are some pictures from our January...
Claire has become more photogenic with Grace which makes mom very happy!

Dad and the girls during Claire's before bedtime reading

Miss Grace learned to smile

Claire loves making a splash in her bath

She loves her bath - can't wait to get her back into a pool

Claire eating breakfast with some of her favorite friends :)

Great grandpa and Claire playing with blocks

Gracie - our little snow bunny

Keep on smiling!


Aunt Beth and Claire playing at the Children's Museum

Claire went sledding for the first time and loved it!

Grace is ready for the Superbowl!

Grace does NOT appreciate tummy time

One of the best pictures we have gotten of the girls

Her first smile captured by the camera

Claire's new fun activity - stacking pillows on the floor and she jumps off of the couch onto them

Grace's squishy face :)

One stylin' little gal!

Grace after her bath

Half smile from Grace

Our family with Pete's grandparents

Go Boilers!

We rearranged our great room to create a play corner for Claire - she seems to really like it!

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