Friday, December 11, 2009

Thanksgiving and more November 2009

The rest of November proved to be a very busy one. We loving being a family of four and have had fun adjusting. Claire seems to be doing well with the changes and most of the time doesn't even care one way or the other what Grace is up to or what she is doing. Her new thing is pushing Grace in the swing or "rocking" her in her bouncy seat. Thanksgiving was wonderful and we were fortunate enough to have the Vandervaart family (minus Mike) come to Indianapolis to celebrate with my family. It was lots of fun. Here are pictures from the rest of our November....

Grace's first tub bath... not sure what to think at first

Then she let us know that she was NOT happy

Just relaxing on the couch...

Claire helping to decorate the Christmas tree

Pete and Laura... withOUT kids around??? :)

Claire giving Grace a kiss

Check out the progress! Way to go, Claire :)

Claire VERY excited after giving Grace a gentle push in her swing

Claire in her awesome new pajamas

Claire going down a slide at Monkey Joe's

Aunt Kathy reading to Claire

Aunt Kimmy and Kristen being wonderful with Claire - as always!

Aunt Beth surprised us on Thanksgiving by driving to Indy - Grace was ecstatic as you can clearly see :)

The entire gang at Thanksgiving (except Beth who had yet to surprise us)

Annual cranberry roll designed by Laura and the Wahman family...
Dad and Grace coming out of the hospital!

The first of many pictures with the girls in matching outfits :)

Claire ready to give a Hi-Five... she loves it!

Our girls are definately spoiled by their grandmas... fitting shirt for sure!

Claire squeezing in Grace's bouncy seat... don't worry... Grace is not under her at least :)

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