Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Price is Right/L.A. Trip

In early February, my siblings, dad, and I went to L.A. to help fulfill one of my dad's dreams to be in the audience of the Price is Right. We were ecstatic to do this with him as well as have many more unforgettable moments. Here are some pictures from our trip...
All of us with our name tags on

Myself, Beth, and dad on TV cheering during a game

Family on TV when contestant was called onto the stage

Close-up of siblings on TV during show

Eating at Mel's Drive-In

Standing outside Kodak Theatre

Waiting in line for The Tonight Show

Getting to meet Jay Leno before the show

After our last dinner in LA

I am SO glad we were able to make this happen!
Love you, Daddy-O :)

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