Monday, June 23, 2008

3 Months Old

Here we are a month later and it seems as if so much has happened in the last month. Claire has started to do so many things...

She went to her first wedding where she happened to poop all down the front of Pete's suit!

She took a ride in her Jeep stroller for the first time

The smiles are getting bigger and almost laughing

She wore her underwear on her head, thanks to dad!

She took her first trip to the beach in Michigan

She sucks on her fists and whatever she can get a hold of

Had her first Father's Day

Dad has been teaching her how to feed herself

Did some video chatting with Aunt Beth

She tried out her activity center and is still a little too small

Still making funny faces

Getting SO big!

Uncle Tim put her in a cornhold board...she fit right in!

She loves to stand

And with some propping, she can stand on her own...for 5 seconds!

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Trina said...

Hey Vandervaart's - So glad I got to see you guys this weekend. A beautiful family! I had to get back on the site and check out all the pictures. She is angelic!